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The 9-steps to building your own expert business

By David Ziembicki - August 13, 2019

In this episode, we're going to cover the nine steps to building your own expert business.

The 9-steps to building your own expert business
Build Your Expert Business

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In previous episodes we talked about what I call the expert business roadmap and today we're going to detail out the nine steps on that roadmap to building your own expert business. Now, the key with this roadmap is that the steps are in a very specific order and they actually go contrary to what most of the gurus and some of the other people out there that you might have heard.

The order of the steps is as important as the steps themselves and that's why we're going to cover it sequentially from step one all the way through to step nine. Now, why do I start off by mentioning the order? Well, one of the things that you'll see if you listen to some of the gurus that are in this space around building your own online business or making money online is they will teach you that you have to go create a blog or create a podcast or just create huge amounts of content over a long period of time before you ever even start selling anything to your audience.

They basically call it “building an audience first”, or “building an email list first”, and they use numbers like having a certain list size means a certain percentage are going to buy something from you. Therefore if you just build a list, you're automatically going to make money. And that really couldn't be further from the truth.

Most people who start out and fail trying to build their own expert businesses, are part of the ones that are listening to that advice. They're going with their heads down for a year or two, three years or even more, just creating content that churn all of that work and all of that effort before they even put a product into the market. They may build an audience, bu they have no idea is any of them will buy something from them.

With the Expert Business Agency and the model that we use, based on the proven success of many online entrepreneurs and expert business owners, we do things in the order that works, and that's what we're going to cover on this particular episode.

So let's dive right into step number one, which is called building your expert business blueprint.