We'll build your course or membership program in 8 weeks!

We provide a virtual COO, shared team, and done for you services you need to get your program launched and generating revenue...

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Why Build An
Expert Business?

An expert business turns your knowledge into products/services that:

  • Has the potential to grow to 7- or 8-figures and beyond
  • Enables financial, lifestyle, and location freedom
  • Creates a financial asset that you control
  • Grows your influence, impact, and legacy

Do you have enough
skills or expertise?

We've seen expert businesses that are what you expect: a retiring Fortune 500 executive building a consulting business.

But we've also seen 6, 7, 8-figure expert businesses in areas like fitness for nerds, curling coaching, even bonsai tree growing.

The key is taking your expertise and creating the right products/services for the right niche. Finding 1,000 customers you can serve with a $1,000 dollar solution is one path to 7-figures in revenue.

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Do you have enough
time and resources?

Three elements are required for success:

  1. A skill or expertise that individuals or companies will pay for
  2. Products or services built around your expertise
  3. Team, processes, and tools that scale your time

You have #1 already. #2 and #3 are what most skilled professionals struggle with and why I built the Expert Business Agency. You only need to bring your expertise, we help with everything else.

Who Is
David Ziembicki?

Hi! My name is David Ziembicki. In my 20 year career I've been a top performer with some of the largest technology and consulting firms in the world including Microsoft, Deloitte, SAIC, Avanade. I've sold or delivered over $200 million dollars of professional services.

Between 7am and 7pm, I’m like you: a skilled professional. I’m a senior architect and leader at the world's largest software company. But between 7pm and 7am, there’s a big difference: I’m building my own expert business.

My mission is to bring financial and lifestyle freedom to 10,000 people in the next 10 years. You heard that right, I want to create 10,000 new millionaires in the next decade.

You may think this is impossible, but I've worked with dozens of regular people who have done just that: create 6, 7, and even 8 figure businesses around their expertise. My agency is designed to take you from zero to your own expert business in 8-weeks!

How We Can Help You


Become an expert and grow income in your current job

(to fund your new business)


Build your business on the side

(build and launch your business while still employed)


Transition to full time

(scale your business, break free from corporation)

Expert Business

My agency is designed to take you from zero to your own expert business in 8-weeks. Will you be making 7-figures after 8 weeks? Of course not, this is a no BS zone. It is complicated, challenging, and time consuming to build such an asset. There is however an easy button...

Our 10-step blueprint and white-glove, done-for-you services simplify and accelerate every part of the process. For agency clients, my team, tools, processes, and expertise are at your disposal and we do as much of the work as we can. You just need to bring your expertise!

Expert Business team.