3 steps to 100x your content publishing and grow your organic traffic

With three steps you can 100x the amount of valuable content you’re publishing.

Most solopreneurs, coaches, and course creators publish inconsistently. If they even publish one piece, the rest is usually low value content like memes or random quotes.

Aim for 100 posts every week across your social channels for organic growth, ESPECIALLY if you have a small following.

David Ziembicki

Increasing your volume will result in more organic traffic to your website and funnels, even if you don’t have a large following.

The key is to create one high-value long form piece of content every week and then do extreme repurposing of that content.

Step 1: Create

Your original long-form content is crucial. Content can attract your ideal customer avatar, help you convert them to customers, and help you retain then ascend them to your higher level products and programs.

Step 2: Publish

After you create, you need to publish your content widely.

For my content and for clients in our Content Engine program, we take one long-form piece of content like a 10 minute video then we we edit it, turn it into a YouTube video, Podcast, Blog.

These long-form pieces of content are crucial for the intermediate and long-term goal of building up a content library and SEO.

For short term growth and to generate immediate business, we don’t stop there…

Step 3: Repurpose

Most creators if they get this far stop and are happy with just getting something published in any given week.

If that’s you, you’re leaving a huge amount of potential on the table.

We do extreme re-purposing. The long-form video gets turned into 10 Reels/TikToks and 10 quotes/images. That’s 20 additional assets from the same edited video.

Then we take those 20 assets and publish them across 5 or more social media channels. That totals to 100 posts going out every week.

Why does this work?

This strategy results in the maximum amount of reach for the smallest investment of time.

Even if you have minimal followers, your odds of reach increase the more you publish.

There are more opportunities for people to see your brand and content. More chances for a piece to go viral and trigger the flywheel of growth.

Even without a viral piece, you never know when a piece of content will resonate but you DO know that if you don’t publish you have zero chance of reaching anyone.

The other day we got a new $3k/mo client who saw one of our videos on a social network that I hadn’t even logged into in 2 months. If we weren’t publishing, we would never have won that client.

By publishing everywhere at scale, we found an ideal client with an immediate need.

How much time does it take?

The three steps can be a small investment in time because you should be delegating everything other than the original content planning and recording.

Meaning for 1 – 2 hours a week of your time planning and recording the content, everything else can be delegated so that you are free to focus on strategic tasks or more raw content.

There are entrepreneurs like Gary Vee, Alex Hormozi, Vanessa Lau spending tens or even hundreds of thousands a month on their content teams but it can be outsourced for far less than that.

We do this for our clients at a fraction of that price.

If you have very low budget, you can get part of the way there with a bigger investment of time. If you have 4 – 8 hours a week you can leverage tools and processes to get to similar volumes.


Challenge yourself to publish 100x more content in the next month.

If you have budget to invest, look into hiring a part time content team. Ours starts at only $499/mo.

If you don’t have budget, join my FB group where I’ve got training on how to establish your own content engine even if you have to DIY.

The key is publishing consistently and at scale.

David Ziembicki

CEO, Expert Business Agency

David Ziembicki is the founder and CEO of the Expert Business Agency, which helps coaches, course, and membership creators build their online businesses. David has been an industry-leading technology and business consultant for over 25 years having worked at Microsoft, Deloitte, SAIC, and Avanade.