You DON’T need an email list to sell your online programs

In this episode, I’m going to show you that you don’t need an email list or an audience before you start selling your online program.

Are you spending all of your time and money on list building, delaying the launch of your courses or programs until you build your list. First, are you producing lots of content and pushing lead magnets with no programs or products for sale?

Are you spending money on ads to try and grow your email list without having any programs or products for sale? If you’re doing any or all of those, then it’s very likely that you’re a struggling solo entre. In this episode, I’m gonna show you that you don’t need to wait until you’ve built an audience or email list before you start selling your online course or program.

Now I understand why you believe that I did too, for a long time. Many of the online business, Gus, we follow tell us the money is in the list or wait until you have 1,000, 5,000 or 10,000 on your list before you launch. It also seems like common sense. The more people on your list, the more sales you’re likely to get.

It also seems like common sense to think, how can I sell something if I don’t have a list or audience yet to sell to? But let’s look at Manny Talavera a multiple two club winner, meaning he’s had multiple million dollar online programs. He made his first $5,000 coaching sale with no email list, no customer or testimonials and no Facebook ads. Or a personal example.

When I first launched the expert business agency, we got our first $15,000 client. When my email list had a whopping 46 people on it. And when I had almost no social media presence, , those are just two of many examples where a substantial sales and revenue can be made without a large list or audience.

Watch the full episode to learn how!

So now you know why to start selling regardless of your list or audience size and two ways to do that.