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Will this episode change your life?

By David Ziembicki - July 8, 2019

If you're a skilled professional in business, design, technology or any kind of professional field, if you've struggled to get to the levels of wealth, impact, and legacy that you know you can achieve, you're in the right place!

Will this episode change your life?
Build Your Expert Business

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Over the first couple episodes of this show, I'm going to show you three secrets of the expert business model that unlocked the path to wealth, impact, and legacy. So think about your current state. Are you a recognized influencer or leader in your industry? When you speak to people, listen, do you have a platform that reaches beyond the company that you work for out into the broader industry that you're a part of? Are you chained to a desk? Can you do whatever you want? Can you work or live wherever you want?

Don't worry, you're not alone. 99% of people, even highly successful people can't answer yes to all of those questions, but you have seen some people like that, right? The brand names in your industry, those that have built their own businesses, how did they do that? Well, I'm going to show you.