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The Power of an Expert Personal Brand

By David Ziembicki - October 21, 2019

What I'm going to tell you about in this episode, so dramatically accelerate in my career.

I want to spend the second half of my career teaching others how to get the same benefit that I did and that topic is the power of an expert personal brand and the impact that that can have on your career.


My story in this case started out in about 2006

I had just moved to Microsoft after about eight years at some other technology and consulting companies, and I was looking for a way to really accelerate my career – make a name for myself, get known inside of the consulting organization within Microsoft that I had just joined. Now at this time, there was a pretty big shift in the industry where this new technology called “virtualization”. It was really starting to have a big impact in the world of it.

And so I made a decision that said, I am going to focus and I'm going to become known as one of the top experts in Microsoft on this technology. I decided right then and there that building a personal brand or building awareness of that expertise was going to be key to accelerate in my career.

In this episode, I'm gonna tell you exactly how I did that and how you can too.

Just like any good architect or consultant or a technical professional, the thing you want to think about before you really embark on any path is what your strategy is. What are the outcomes that you're going for? What are some of the requirements that you're looking at?