Tame your online business tech

Did you know there are turn-key tech platforms for coaches course and membership creators?

Business in a box solutions so you never need to struggle with choosing and setting up your tech platform.

I don’t mean tools like Kajabi or Dubsado that claim to be all in one but where you still need a lot of others, like project management, webinar tools and more.

Instead, I’m talking about the entire set of capabilities you need and all the tools required for them already set up and waiting for you.

So let’s dig into what turnkey platforms are, what to look for, and how to find one.

Be sure to stay to the end because there is one pitfall you need to avoid when choosing.

Okay, so what is a turnkey platform? It’s kind of like a move-in ready home, that’s a finished home where all the necessary items like water, electric, heating, appliances, and furniture. Are already installed or provided, so you can immediately start living there. Now compare that to a custom home where you spend months or years on blueprints and choosing every material. The finish, the appliances, and the furniture.

Then waiting a year or two for it to be. When it comes to the tech platform for their businesses. Most coaches of course, and membership creators take the custom home path. Struggling for months or years to choose all the right pieces and learn how to implement them. That would be like needing to move to a new home right away. But choosing to build the entire thing yourself.

Learning how to be an architect, engineer, plumber, electrician, and a designer. Working two to three years before they finally have a home. Instead, they could have chosen a move-in ready home and been done and in their home within a couple of weeks. Same thing for tech platforms. Instead of struggling to cobble together your tech platform, you could use a turnkey or move-in ready platform instead.

One that has all the utilities included, like website funnels, email calendars, and webinars. One that’s already furnished, including page templates, funnel templates, email sequences, and more. One where you just have to move in your content and you’re up and. Even better. Imagine your move-in Ready Home came with a full housekeeping staff to keep everything running smoothly. And to help with any needs you have.

Turnkey tech platforms have the same end-to-end support of the entire solution. That’s much different than when you have just a bunch of tools and when there’s problems and the vendors all point fingers at each other. With the alleged all in one tools, they only support the tech, not your entire business and processes.

On the contrary, with a turnkey and managed platform. You get support across the entire. Sounds great, right? But you’re probably asking what does it really look like? Let’s break it down using a key need. All online businesses have sales funnels. For many. A webinar funnel is one of the best options. For a basic webinar funnel.

You need a webinar delivery tool, a sales funnel tool, an email service provider. The pros also have ad platforms, tracking platforms and more. If you DIY, you need to build all of that. Figure out how to set everything up, figure out how to test what happens when, not If something breaks. Then if anything does break in the middle of a launch, it may take days to resolve between all the different vendors.

With the turnkey platform, all of the elements are already built and integrated together. You just need to inject your content. Like copy and images into templates that are already designed for high conversion. If something breaks at any time, you have a 24 by seven support number. Up to and including live chat for the entire solution, not just the pieces.

Instead of taking weeks or months to build a webinar, funnel yourself and run without support. You can be done in days with end-to-end support. And that’s just one funnel. Imagine the same ease and support building and running all your funnels, websites, social channels, content ads, and more. So what are the elements essential to look for in a turnkey platform?

The first thing is making sure it has all of the tools and capabilities your business will need now and in the near future. In the webinar example, there were a few mentioned. Others include social media, scheduling, membership areas, online course support. Map out all the potential requirements your business has and make sure you choose a turnkey platform that has all those options.

The next thing is making sure all those tools or capabilities are already integrated. You don’t wanna be back at square one, having to figure out how to hook a funnel up to a webinar, up to a uh, member area that should be done for you already in the platform. The next benefit to look for are easily modified templates.

All the platforms have templates, many that look beautiful, but they have a major pitfall they take forever to rebrand and customize to your own look and. Instead, you want templates that have the right structure, but that are easily updated with your brand elements. Now, price is obviously a big factor, but one where turnkey platforms can shine.

Often a turnkey platform is a few hundred dollars a month compared to a DIY stack of 10 to 20 tools, which will cost upwards of one to $2,000 a month with the money saved. Using a turnkey platform, you can invest in team members to accelerate your. Another factor, support I mentioned earlier, but it’s absolutely critical.

Your turnkey platform should provide 24 by seven email support at a minimum with fast response times. Ideally, it should also provide live chat support so you can get help right away if needed. So we’ve covered what a turnkey platform is and what you should look for. The final step, how to find one is easy.

You already have. I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars and partnered with some of the leading names in the industry to put together our turnkey expert business platform. It started with building it for my own business, then building it for our one-on-one clients, and is now one of the three pillars of our solo to virtual CEO program.

It’s a double win for you. We take the tech struggle completely off your shoulders, and we enable you to build and launch your business and programs much. With a turnkey platform, all the essential elements of a coaching course or membership business are already in place. You have a platform equal to or better than the top people in your niche, so you can compete, you can be launched and in market with your services within weeks generating leads in sales.

To learn more about how you can start leveraging a turn-key platform to immediately build and launch your coaching course or membership business, click the link below.