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Steal this strategy that skyrocketed my career

By David Ziembicki - September 27, 2019

In this episode I'm going to tell you about a young technical consultant who learned the secret to success.

Steal this strategy that skyrocketed my career
Build Your Expert Business

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So there I was, a young technical consultant trying to advance in my career.

The thing is I was working hard, but no one really saw how much potential I had. Big problem was that I was working 80 to a hundred hours a week delivering great results, but no one outside of my projects even knew about it. That resulted being on the road 100% of the year at projects with no career advancement to show for it and almost burning out in my late twenties.

Then, as is if by chance, something amazing happened. I found a mentor who revealed a strategy to me that skyrocketed my career. A strategy my mentor revealed was how to think about and manage my career like it was a business. I now call this an expert business. The business of being an expert. He said, think about the functions of business, has strategy, product development, sales, marketing and support.

Within those they aim for continuous improvement. He asked me how successful a company would be with poor products and no marketing. He then challenged me to think about each of those functions and how they apply to an individual building their career.

Here's what I came up with.

It became the foundation for successful career and millions of dollars of income.

First is strategy, setting a direction, goals, and building a roadmap to get there. My goal was to become a world class infrastructure architect, able to head the most complex projects in the industry. The next business function is product. As a technical professional, your product is your expertise and the results you're able to deliver are another part of your product. I put a major focus on improving my product, my expertise through learning certification, seeking out other mentors. I not only build out my technical expertise, but I also dove deep on project management, development methodologies, automation, and other areas related to my expertise to broaden out my skillset.