There are at least 15 different critical skills needed for an online business to be successful. Examples include tech, design, copywriting, editing, marketing, social media, community management, and so on…

Each of those is a specialty in and of itself, yet many of us make the mistake of thinking “well if I just buy a course I can learn that myself”. That’s basically the same as saying “I don’t need to hire a lawyer, I’ll take a quick course and be my own lawyer at trial”. Or, “I’m having chest pain, I think I’ll take a quick course on heart surgery”…

As the founder/visionary of your online business, you need to focus 100% on the most strategic, high value work, in your “zone of genius”. The rest should be managed by your virtual COO.

While your virtual COO will be able to do a lot, the same logic applies to them as it does to you: they should be focused on THEIR zone of genius which is managing, systemizing, and improving your online business. 

You and your virtual COO need a virtual team comprised of the various skills and expertise that your online business needs like tech, design, copywriting, etc.

As with your vitual COO, eventually you may need full time resources in some or all of these areas, but in the beginning, your virtual COO can put together and manage a virtual team, bringing in the right skills when needed, only for as long as needed.

For our clients, we provide access to a shared virtual team of experts that execute our 9-step program to build and launch your online business in as little as 8 weeks.