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If you’re struggling to consistently publish content at scale that attracts an audience of your ideal customers, it’s likely one of these three things I cover in this post. Be sure to stick to the end for a strategy that removes all of these roadblocks.

Roadblocks to Consistent Content Creation

First, you’re probably trying to work on nine different things in your online business at the same time, like tech funnels, building your program or supporting your customers, and content creation and posting falls by the wayside. Second, you probably don’t have a solid workflow that streamlines every step from idea to published content.

From capturing ideas so you’re never staring at a camera, not knowing what to say through to batch recording, free efficiency to always having a month’s worth of content already done for those times when life throws a curve ball. Third, you probably don’t have a content engine that repurposes your raw content for you.

The Solution: A Content Engine

Your one piece a week and a few social media posts isn’t enough anymore. You know you need much higher volume, but that it takes a lot of time and if you DIY all of that, something else will fall by the wayside. Most of us wind up struggling to create quantity and quality of content that we know we need because we’re stuck in the DIY trap.

That’s where we let limiting beliefs like I’m the only one that can create all of my content or my content has to be perfect before I publish, or won’t people be upset if they see the same content multiple times. Well, let’s look at some current examples of online entrepreneurs who have seen big success from their organic traffic.

Alex Hormozi has gone from minimal following two years ago to a million followers. It wasn’t a fancy studio and equipment that got him there. He had that and completely stopped using it. What he did was build a content team around himself like Gary V has done. That turns his raw content into a huge volume of assets and.

Vanessa Lau is another example. She’s gone from zero to 250,000 Instagram followers and 650,000 YouTube subscribers in just three years. How she also has developed a content and social media team and a workflow that takes her raw content and turns it into dozens of assets and posts every week. These days, it takes 30 to 50 posts a week across all the major social networks to break through.

The Content Engine Process

How do they do that? Well, stick with me for the high end examples, and I’ll show you how to get there without the giant budgets. Gary V spends over $200,000 a month on his content team. Alex Hormozi spends 70,000 a month, and Vanessa Lao spends about 20,000 a month. Now I can hear you yelling at me that you have nowhere near that kind of budget as a solopreneur course creator or coach yet.

I get it. Neither do I, but look at those numbers more closely. Gary V spends 200,000 a month and has 10 million followers. Alex Hormozi spends 70,000 a month for about a million followers. Vanessa Laa spends about 20,000 a month. For her half a million followers. Do you see how it’s roughly proportional?

Yes, if you can spend more quickly, then you can grow more quickly, but check out the other direction. Instead of 20,000 a month, what if you invested 2000 a month instead of 500,000 followers? Maybe that gets you 50,000 followers, but with 50,000 followers, you can and should be making tens of thousands of dollars every month with courses, memberships, or coaching sales.

Establishing a Content Engine

So the real question is how do you get a high volume of quality content published every week for less than $2,000 a month to publish a high volume of high quality assets every week without you spending 10 to 20 hours on it? You need a content engine. What’s a content engine?

What’s a content engine?

It’s the team tools and systems that take a single piece of high value raw content that you record and turns it into 10 or more assets that get posted across five or more social networks.

The Content Engine Process

What does that really look like? It takes a content manager and editor and a social media scheduler. You work with a content manager on topics and. You work on the outlines and scripts for them. You record the raw content, say 10 minutes of video for each. An example would be how to get X benefit without Y struggle.

And here’s the key. Once the raw video is recorded, you are done. What happens next is magic. Your editor turns the video into several assets, long form, full video, an audio only version for a podcast, a text only version for a blog post. They also pull out several 60-second highlights and make vertical videos for reels and shorts. One raw recording from you is now 10 finished assets. Then your social media scheduler takes over. From the 10 assets they create some more like image quotes, carousels, and more. With all those assets, they schedule them across all your social media channels resulting in at least 50 posts each week.

With a content engine in place, your total time investment for that output is less than four hours a week. If you are able to get 50 high value post published every week, would you grow your audience faster? If you had an audience of 10,000, 50,000 or a hundred thousand, would you be able to generate more?

In my case, we got our first $15,000 client for a done with you program when my email list was just 46 people. So let me ask you, are you ready to follow a system that works and establish a content engine to dramatically increase your volume and quality of content to grow your audience and revenue? If you are it, then you’re gonna wanna apply for the free private training I’ve just launched.

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