How to use a fractional team to build your online business

In this video, I’ll show you how to use a fractional team to build and grow your online business 10 times faster than you can yourself…

Most struggling solopreneurs try to learn and DIY everything in their online business. You believe you have to bootstrap and do everything like tech content funnels, ads and sales, and support all by yourself.

And because of that belief, you wind up spending lots of money on courses coaching masterminds, and. You spend lots of time trying to learn and implement dozens of things at the same time. The result is often partial progress, overwhelm and failure to launch in my solo to virtual CEO program where we help struggling solopreneurs become successful virtual CEOs and build their online businesses.

There’s three pillars. I’m gonna give you the most important one now because it’s the key to getting 10x more done in your business without working more hours and overwhelm.

How to use a virtual team

There’s only one way to get more done in your business without working more hours, and it isn’t personal productivity. It’s getting more persons working for you.

There’s only one way to get more done in your business without working more hours, and it IS NOT personal productivity. It’s getting more persons working for you…

David Ziembicki

Success in online business today requires a team like the online gurus you follow have. You hear it all the time. They say: “my team does this” or “I had my team build that”. Or my copywriter wrote this, or my designer created that. They have an editor, designer, social media manager, project manager, ads manager, and more.

They also have an integrator also called an online business manager, or virtual COO as their second in command. Having a team is what enables them to be a virtual CEO and get far more output every day and week than if they try to do everything solo. Even better because those folks are experts in their specific areas.

Their output is also much higher quality than someone that tries to do everything themselves. This is how Amy Porterfield has made tens of millions of dollars selling online courses. How Alex Orosi has built a huge social media following in the last year, how Gary V built a huge personal brand, how the gurus you follow achieved their success.

How much does a virtual team cost?

So teams deliver much higher output and quality. Sounds great. What’s the downside? You sense it? It’s cost. A full-time 10 person team could be 500,000 to a million in payroll. Alex Hormoze has said he spends $80,000 a month just for his content team alone. But here is a key insight that will change your life in business forever.

You can hire a fraction of a team like that for a fraction of the cost when you’re in your first one to three years of online. On the journey to six, then seven figures of revenue. You don’t need a full-time designer or copywriter or social media manager or any of the roles mentioned. You absolutely do need all of them part of the time.

That’s the gap that a fractional team addresses a wide set of expertise, but part-time Gary V. Posts 500 times a week. You only need to post 50. Alex Orosi is trying to be a billionaire. You only need to be a million. They need teams of a hundred people or more. You need 10 or fewer part-time. Hiring a fractional team shaped to exactly what you need to build and scale your online business is one of the three pillars of success we’ve built into our solo to virtual CEO program.

The other two pillars are equally important and required fewer fractional team to maximize results. To show you those two pillars as well as case studies and examples that I can’t put in a public YouTube video, I’ve created a free private training covering all three and how they work together to help you build and grow your online.

You can apply to attend the free training in the link below. This training is the result of everything I’ve learned from years in online business and working with dozens of successful seven and eight figure online entrepreneurs. If you’re ready to stop struggling solo and become a successful virtual CEO and build your online business, you need to apply for this training.

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