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Welcome to BE THE EXPERT! In today’s issue:

  • Revealing our full system and an email course (no cost)
  • AI likes to put glue on pizza?
  • Notion AI Productivity: I was NOT Using Notion Right!

The Expert Business System

In this issue I’m going to reveal for the first time our ENTIRE system for building a successful business around your expertise.

I have also created a no-cost, 7-day email course that breaks down each of the major elements.

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To frame it, a quick analogy:

Online businesses are like cars: all the major components need to be in place and working to get you from point A to point B.

A car without an engine won’t move.

A car with bad tires will crash.

Similarly, an online business without a sales system won’t generate revenue.

An online business without a support system won’t retain and ascend customers.

Also, like cars, building an online business takes tools, specialized knowledge, and sometimes a small team.

Taking it one final step, the car or business you build needs to be designed to get you to your destination in the fastest, most efficient way.

You may have a perfectly functional car, but if your destination is a mountain home in winter, you’ve built the wrong vehicle (#experience we get 20 feet of snow a year…)

If your business goal is toward the higher end of the spectrum, say 8-figures and beyond, but you want a simple, solopreneur-style business with no employees, it’s unlikely you’ll get there, and if you do, it will probably be a very long trip.

You may have chosen the wrong vehicle for the destination.

These are the main reasons many struggle to succeed with their online businesses:

  1. They aren’t building the right vehicle to get them to their destination
  2. They don’t have the right tools, knowledge, and help to build the vehicle
  3. The vehicle they are building is missing major components

Where did this analogy come from?

One of my most formative and valuable experiences was leading a team in college that designed and built a race car in the Formula SAE (now Formula Student) competition.

I learned FAR more from that experience than my 4 (ahem, 5) years of classes.

In my first year, the wheels literally broke off the car during the safety test (mislabeled parts, a story for another day)

By my last year, we finished in the top 10 out of 150 teams, 4th in the main race, and set the fastest lap time of the event. The driver was the author of this newsletter 😉

That four-year period is where I learned the importance of:

  • Choosing goals and defining the right type vehicle to reach them
  • Designing the strategy, systems, tools, and team required to build the vehicle
  • Putting all the foundational components in place, then continuously improving

This exact same approach served me very well in my 25-year technology consulting career, helping companies from Fortune 10 and federal agencies to small businesses and solopreneurs.

It now forms the basis of the Expert Business System – our end-to-end solution for building and scaling online businesses.

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Understanding and following the Expert Business System will help you:

  • Choose the right goals for you and define the best vehicle (business model) for you to reach them
  • Design the strategy, systems, tools, and team required to build the business you want
  • Put all the foundational elements in place to generate revenue, then continuously improving

This is the result of years of work, hundreds of thousands of dollars invested, and many mistakes along the way.

Refined to help you succeed as quickly as possible.

Here are the main elements of the Expert Business System, each of which will be detailed further in the email course:

Expert Business Blueprint

This is all about choosing your destination. For most of us, it is about aligning our income and impact goals then figuring out how we want to get there.

The purpose of this exercise is to find the expertise or skills you already have with the best balance of true expertise, high value, high demand, enjoyment level, and ability to position yourself as an expert.

With that in mind, the next step is determining your Mission, Market, Outcomes, and Business Goals.

Aligning these is essential. Your mission has to align your personal and business goals. Your market needs to be one you love and want to serve. The outcomes you deliver for customers need to meet their needs.

Expert Business Model

This is all about setting up your “workshop” to build the right vehicle to get you to your destination.

The LAST thing you should do once you have your blueprint is to start trying to build everything you think you need by yourself.

Instead, I’ll show you how to implement a business model that helps you get 100x more done every week than you can by yourself.

You’ll see the strategy, systems, tools, and team (or AI) that enable success.

In our racing team, while we built a new car from scratch every year, we didn’t start with a random, never-done before approach.

We studied the successful teams and cars and used current best practices as the starting point.

Expert Business Foundation

This is all about building the first version of your “vehicle” – the business that will get you to your goals.

The essential elements all online businesses need for success.

These are analogous to battery, engine, transmission, wheels, body, and so on.

Examples include products, funnels, website, socials, content, and five others.

I’ll also show that if any of these are missing, you really have no chance of success.

But if you do have even just the minimum viable of each you have much GREATER odds of success…

I’ll also show how critical it is to establish them in the right order.

Expert Business Operations

With the essential elements in place, you have the foundation for a 6-figure business.

To grow beyond 6-figures, you need to systemize and continuously improve.

The difference between our first year with the wheels falling off and our successes three years later was putting in place the systems that enabled continuous improvement.

Breaking down our efforts into systems like planning, design, engineering, manufacturing, and testing.

Then, within those, focusing on the key areas of performance like engine power, handling, and reliability.

In online business, examples include project management, process management, sales funnels, product development, customer support, etc.

Like the essential elements, if you are missing any of these systems, your odds of success drop prohibitively because you “publish and pray” instead of continuously improving.

Solo to Virtual CEO

By this point, you may feel overwhelmed now, knowing everything that must be put in place for success.

To alleviate that, we’ll revisit the Expert Business Model, and I will show you exactly how to go from struggling solopreneur to successful virtual CEO.

You can be successful regardless of whether you need to DIY everything, whether you’ll leverage automation and AI, or whether you form a team.

Take Action

That is the full system for success – based on studying and working with dozens of online businesses ranging from zero to 8-figures.

You don’t have to figure it all out yourself and start from scratch.

Instead, learn and implement a proven system:

To access this crucial knowledge, simply click here.

You’ll be added to the email course and receive the first email within a few minutes!

Whenever you’re ready, here’s how I can help:

Solo to Virtual CEO™ – Training + Community: All of our core training in one community! Includes courses and detailed tutorials for each of the nine foundational elements all online businesses need and our Expert Business Operating System for planning and managing your entire business…

Solo to Virtual CEO™ – DIY/DWY/DFY: All of the above plus our entire tech platform (DIY), daily coaching/support (DWY), and MY team working FOR YOU (DFY) to build your expert business…

Expert Business Content Engine: Done-For-You content editing, repurposing, and publishing! We help you create and publish content at scale across all channels (YouTube, Podcast, Blog, Socials)…

Saturday Spotlight 💡

Content Spotlight:​

Notion AI Productivity: I was NOT Using Notion Right! – Better Creating

Simon over at Better Creating didi a great video this week about all the AI feaures built into Notion.

Notion is part of our ACCELERATE suite of tools and we use it for project, process, and content management, among many other things.

We’ve built basically an expert business “operating system” inside Notion as part of the suite.

Tool Spotlight:​

Expert Business ACCELERATE – This is the suite of tools we use to run our entire business AND where members of our programs run theirs.

The Start Your Content Engine program includes a FREE 30-day trial:

  • Plan and Manage Your Content Engine
  • Host a YouTube Channel, Podcast, and Blog
  • Record and Edit All Of Your Content
  • Repurpose Your Content Into All Formats
  • Schedule and Publish All Of Your Social Media Posts
  • Integrated Live Tech Support 24×7

News Spotlight:​

AI News: Google’s Hilariously Bad AI FAILURE?! – Matt Wolfe

After a few weeks of insane amounts of AI announcements and news, there were also some controversies with OpenAI supposedly stealing Scarlett Johannson’s voice (possibly debunked by WaPo) and then Google AI telling people to glue their cheese to their pizza if it keeps falling off…

David Ziembicki

CEO, Expert Business Agency

David Ziembicki is the founder and CEO of the Expert Business Agency, which helps coaches, course, and membership creators build their online businesses. David has been an industry-leading technology and business consultant for over 25 years having worked at Microsoft, Deloitte, SAIC, and Avanade.