Alex Hormozi (major influencer) changed his content strategy?

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Welcome to BE THE EXPERT! In today’s issue:

  • Alex Hormozi (major influencer) changed his content strategy. What can we learn?
  • ​I Posted ONLY Business Content for 30 Days [STRATEGY REVEALED]​
  • Introducing a whole new Canva

Why Hormozi changed his content strategy

Good news if you don’t want to dance on camera and do silly things to attract an audience on social media for your business 🙂

Alex Hormozi has had one of the fastest-growing online presences in the business and marketing space in recent years, growing to millions of followers.

But he just made a MAJOR change to his content strategy that we can all learn from.

He initially gained notoriety by creating a LOT of content and giving away a TON of value and insight.

As he said many times, he “had nothing to sell you” because his business model was around acquiring companies and helping them scale.

He is a recent example of how a high volume of high-value content can rapidly build brand awareness and business growth.

But then he went sideways…

For the last year or two, he chased views and audience size.

He started making entertainment content.

Content about general topics. Content about himself (what he eats, his fitness routine, etc.).

From the outside, it looked brilliant, his audience growth accelerated even more.

However, his data showed that despite the audience growth, he wasn’t seeing revenue growth from his content.


He had been focused on the wrong metrics and was attracting the wrong audience…

So he decided to completely update his content strategy and test it for 30 days (link to the full video below).

Below is a summary of the changes and the results.

After the summary, I’ll tie it back to what we can learn and implement from this as creators, coaches, and solopreneurs.

Content Strategy Changes

These are the changes he ran over 30 days:

  • Shift from Edutainment to Education: He focused on all business education content rather than entertaining content.
  • Audience Focus Shift: He changed from creating content for a wide audience to creating content for his ideal customer, specifically business owners.
  • Narrowed Content Focus: He moved from wide topics (e.g., fitness, relationships) to narrow, business-specific topics to better cater to the business owner audience.
  • Metric Shift from Views to Revenue: He prioritized revenue over views. Focused on revenue per thousand impressions (RPM) (a YouTube metric) to ensure valuable views from the right audience.
  • Content Format Shift from Shorts to Longs: He emphasized long-form content over short-form, as long-form attracted more engaged and relevant viewers.
  • Volume and Iteration: He continued to focus on creating high volumes of content and learning from mistakes without repeating them.
  • Content Production Insights: He found that simple slides versus heavily designed presentations made little difference in performance.
  • Unique Value Proposition: He returned to focusing on unique insights and experiences that only he could provide.
  • Strategic Use of Shorts: He maintained some wider short-form content for top-of-funnel brand awareness and recognition then moved viewers to long-forrm channels.

Content Strategy Test Results

Here are some of the results he saw after the first 30 days:

  • Overall improvement in key metrics: higher RPMs, more long-form views, increased engagement, higher subscriber conversion, and more opt-ins and sales.
  • Increased Engagement and Subscriber Conversion: Despite fewer views, he achieved higher engagement (25% more comments per view) and increased subscriber conversion by 24.6%.
  • More Opt-ins and Sales: Experienced a 26% increase in opt-ins per week and a doubling of book sales, indicating better-targeted content led to higher quality audience engagement.

The data reinforced the importance of making content for the target audience rather than chasing vanity metrics like views and likes.

He has since said he is going all in on the new strategy, given how big the results were.

What does it mean for us?

Well, the first thing is it restored my faith in providing real value!

There’s a greater chance of getting struck by lightning twice in the same day than of me dancing on camera for social media followers 🙂

Looking at his results it showed that we DON’T have to do many of the things we may have thought to be successful:

  1. We don’t have to entertain; we can educate and, ahem, BE THE EXPERT…
  2. We don’t have to have expensive studios, high production value, and $150k/mo content teams (yes, that is what he was spending)
  3. We don’t have to have huge audiences to be successful, we just have to have the RIGHT audience

The results also showed that the key pillars of the content strategy I teach and that we help clients with are still crucial:

  1. Focus on attracting, converting, and ascending YOUR ideal customers
  2. Start with high-value, long-form content that shares your unique expertise and knowledge
  3. Turn that into a very high volume of content (repurposing) and publish everywhere (omnipresence)
  4. Align ALL content to the stages of the buyer’s journey with the right calls to action
  5. Focus on learning and improvement from business metrics (leads, revenue, etc.) vs. vanity metrics (views, followers)

Take Action

The reason I created the Expert Business Content Engine was to make this exact strategy accessible to creators, coaches, and solopreneurs:

Publish a high volume of high value content everywhere – with the least amount of effort possible – to drive business growth.

It takes 5 steps:

  • Planning: Plan revenue-generating content ideas.
  • Creating: Create one long-form video each week.
  • Editing: Edit it into YouTube, Podcast, Blog, and email newsletter versions.
  • Repurposing: Repurpose highlights and quotes to into short-form content (reels, TikTok, shorts, images, etc.).
  • Publishing: Publish those assets as posts across all social channels.

Doing that efficiently takes the right strategy, systems, tools, and team (or AI).

If you want to establish this system in your business in the next 30 days, here’s how:

Done-With-You: Join the Start Your Content Engine program. We show you (or your team if you have one) how and provide all the tools, training, and coaching.

Done-For-You: Join our Content Engine DFY program and we provide you a content team and do all the editing, repurposing, and publishing for you. I’ll help you plan your content strategy, you record raw content, and my team does the rest.

Either way, the result is dozens of assets and 50+ posts published every week, all designed to attract, convert, and ascend your ideal customers.

However you get there, it’s time to BE THE EXPERT and start attracting, converting, and ascending your ideal customers so you can generate income and impact.

Whenever you’re ready, here’s how I can help:

Solo to Virtual CEO™ – Training + Community: All of our core training in one community! Includes courses and detailed tutorials for each of the nine foundational elements all online businesses need and our Expert Business Operating System for planning and managing your entire business…

Solo to Virtual CEO™ – DIY/DWY/DFY: All of the above plus our entire tech platform (DIY), daily coaching/support (DWY), and MY team working FOR YOU (DFY) to build your expert business…

Expert Business Content Engine: Done-For-You content editing, repurposing, and publishing! We help you create and publish content at scale across all channels (YouTube, Podcast, Blog, Socials)…

Saturday Spotlight 💡

Content Spotlight:​

I Posted ONLY Business Content for 30 Days [STRATEGY REVEALED] – Alex Hormozi

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News Spotlight:​

Introducing a whole new Canva – Canva

To redesign the way we work, we’re redesigning Canva itself with a suite of game-changing workplace products transforming Canva into an all-in-one platform to supercharge how your team creates, engages, and collaborates on content.

A lot new features largely for bigger teams but there are some good updates for smaller creators as well. We’re looking very hard at the bulk create capabilities to use with our content engine.

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