My Story

Between 7am and 7pm, I’m like you: a skilled professional. I’m a senior architect and leader at Microsoft. An expert in cloud computing, 20 years in professional services, over $200M in services sold/delivered.

But between 7pm and 7am, there’s a big difference: I’m building my own expert business.

What’s an expert business? It’s a business you own, built around your unique talents or skills. It could be related to your work or interests. Selling products/services (eg. consulting, coaching, info products, etc.)

Why is this important? A second income you own & control is critical to your financial security. I’ve seen very good people fired or laid off. It can happen to anyone at any time.

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If living the lifestyle you want is dependent on a company paycheck every 2 weeks, you’re not free…

While I have a fantastic high paying job at Microsoft that 99% of the world would kill for, I’m working my tail off diversifying my income streams by creating my own expert business.

Here’s the problem though: it’s impossible to keep a demanding day job AND build an expert business yourself…

I tried for a few years, starting a 4am every day. I had motivation and money but not enough time for all the tech, marketing, social media, and hundreds of other tasks required for success.

At the same time, it would be reckless for to quit a great job with vague hopes of someday replacing your income…

This realization led me to an epiphany: what if I built a team, tools, and program specifically designed to help skilled professionals like you build your own expert business?

The ultimate win-win scenario! You bring the expertise; my team helps you build a business around it. The personal brand, the tech, website, sales funnels, social, etc. All while you keep your day job until your business replaces your income…

That’s what we do at my Expert Business Agency! Take this short quiz to find out what your expertise is worth.