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3 CRITICAL mistakes technical professionals make with their personal brands

By David Ziembicki - September 23, 2019

In this episode, I'm going to show you the three critical mistakes most technical professionals make with personal branding and how to fix them.

If you're not advancing in your career or income as fast as you'd like, I guarantee you're making one or more of these mistakes and I'm going to show you how to fix them.

3 CRITICAL mistakes technical professionals make with their personal brands
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Mistake number one is thinking that personal branding is marketing bs and just not starting the process at all. Less than 5% of technical professionals have a personal brand strategy team or platform. I get it. We're technologists, not sales or marketing people, but technical professionals like us usually have more of a quiet confidence type of personality, or let the results speak for themselves type of mentality.

But here's the problem:

Results do not speak for themselves, at least not loudly enough when it's time for raises, bonuses, promotions, or new jobs. It's the people with the best combination of results and awareness that when having a great personal brand pulling forward at $12,000 a year, raise and investing, that money results in almost $500,000 of additional lifetime income.

If you're able to do that twice, you've got $1 million or more extra lifetime income. Now, I also know the term personal branding may put you off – two sales a year that it sounds like marketing bs. You may hate sales and marketing people. You know? For a while I did too.

Luckily, I had a mentor that completely changed my mindset. He taught me to think about my career as a business. Like any business, it must have a marketing function that compliments the product as an individual. The product is your expertise. Your marketing is the personal brand that you build around it, so ask yourself this: Would a company that had no marketing team, no website, no social media presence, no advertising, be successful? Of course not.